Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Evelynn's Farmer's Market 1st Birthday Party

A year ago today at exactly 12:19 pm, Matt and I welcomed our sweet baby girl, Evelynn Stone Hames, into the world! It's unreal how incredibly fast this past year has gone by... and now we officially have a toddler!

The planning of Evelynn's 1st birthday party came at the height of my wedding season, as I started coming up with the overall theme and design several months ago. While I've planned plenty of weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and baby showers... this was my first time planning a kid's 1st birthday party. And the fact that it was my own kid's party, made it all the more meaningful!

My inspiration for Evelynn's 1st birthday party was the blog I created when we decided to start a family. Once we found out we were pregnant, I kept track of the size and stats of the baby on a weekly basis ("at 16 weeks, Lil Hames is approximately the size of an avocado.") Looking back through the blog at all the fruits and veggies that Evelynn had once sized up to, I thought a Farmer's Market theme would be very fitting!

My husband and I designed and built Evelynn's Farmer's Market stand that featured fresh lemonade with mini mason jars and striped straws for the kids as well as homemade desserts. I made all the Farmer's Market inspired cupcakes which included carrot cake with walnuts, sweet potato with graham "dirt" topping, and strawberry with Oreo "dirt" topping. The cupcakes were frosted with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and veggie shaped fondant cupcakes toppers. I was planning on buying the fondant toppers but Matt told me that I needed to "step-it up" and so I made them myself and it was actually pretty easy once I got the hang of it! The veggie toppers included carrots, tomatoes, pea pods, and cauliflower... and the kids loved them!

For the party favor, we did a U-PICK PRODUCE wagon filled with apples, mini pumpkins, and gourds. The kids loved filling their reusable Farmer's Market totes that were hand-stamped "Home Grown, Naturally Fresh." 

We found an adorable antique high chair for Evelynn to sit in as we sang her "Happy Birthday." I made the fabric strip bunting that adorned the high chair, smash cake, and Farmer's Market stand. I also created a #1 collage that featured photos of Evelynn from birth until 12 months old. 

We had about 50 friends and family come out to celebrate Evelynn 1st birthday! I was a little nervous that Evey would freak out with all the attention, but she did awesome! She loved cruising around the park and visiting with everyone. She somewhat enjoyed her cake until she realized it was all over her arms and face and she had a great time opening all of the presents she received! 

Thank you to all our friends and family who came out to celebrate our sweet Evelynn's birthday and a very BIG thank you to my husband and in-laws for all your help leading up to the party! And Happy 1st Birthday to our daughter... we love you Evey!

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